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We, at Arnhem Together do all that we can to bring the people in our community closer together and support one another. This is why at our Official Launch, this Saturday May 26th, we will be showcasing a number of local businesses and enterpreneurs. We are excited to present to you some of the fantastics stalls that you will see displayed this Saturday.

Roller Coaster Rider –  With their amazing Yoga retreats and coaching

Over The Moon Arnhem – With their creative Baby shower and Maternity gifts

Arnhem Life – The English platform that provides information about Arnhem on culture, food, social and living. And arranges city tours

Spaans Activo Who bring to us the beautiful Spanish language and provide numerous lessons

i2d Food – And their innovative way to order and eat food

Outfit Library Less – The place where all women can enjoy an inclusive and body- positive experience of guilt-free “shopping”

Post Natal Support Network – The PSN ddresses the importance of a well-prepared and relaxing 40 day postnatal period. It is an international organisation with a non-medical and social network

Kinder Crea – Art classes for babies and toddlers

Rocket Yoga – A small and welcoming yoga studio

Mindful Run – Mindful Run uses the combination of Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques and Running / Walking in all its activities, resulting in LESS STRESS and MORE ENERGY

All this and so much more at our Official Launch! Have you purchased your ticket? If not, hurry and book your spot this Saturday, May 26th at the Arnhem Showroom from 10:00am. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door, but please bring exact change.

See you there!



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