Brazilian Night – 17th Nov

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What a night! On Saturday 17 November Arnhem Together hosted our very own Brazilian Night. 

The vivacious Alexandra, owner of Tapiocas, generously agreed to partner with us to share her love of food and dance. We had SO much fun! It was a night filled with fun, food, laughter, love, caipirinha’s and samba! Yes…all in one evening! The headaches and sore feet the next day were totally worth it! Owner of the only clothing library in Arnhem, Outfit Library LESSMaria Kuznetsova was generous to host us in her beautiful space. Thank you to everyone that braved the cold to join us! It may have been chilly outside, but where we were, it was as hot as a Brazilian summer’s night!

Another Maria also joined us and shared her feedback: 

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful night! What a fun night!

I particularly liked the dynamic of the group: strong, independent women who are open to connecting and having fun! everyone had such a good spirit and they were ready to have fun and Alex was such a delight (and those legs-she should insure them lol),

Thank you for offering such a great night and for being open and ready to connect and share

Alexandra Isaura Da Silva-Cremers (also known as Alex) was our host for the workshop. Outgoing, energetic and sometimes a bit crazy. She has a passion for good food, people, dancing and running.

“I grew up in Brazil, as daughter of a Brazilian mom and Dutch dad. Every weekend our family and friends would come together. The house would be busy and buzzing with talk, laughter and music. Fantastic scents would come out of the kitchen, where my mom and aunts were preparing the food. The taste of the food and the great company are fond memories.

When I was 17 I moved to the Netherlands and my passion for good food and people moved along. I became an avid home cook, bringing people together with my food. Last year I decided to follow my passion professionally. I started my own catering company called “Tapioca’s” I make THE best Brazilian cheese bread (so I’ve been told ) and also do full catering, all with a Brazilian touch. Sharing a bit of Brazil is what I love to do and I’m very excited to be hosting this workshop.

A party is not Brazilian without a Caipirinha and Samba. I’m hoping you will not only walk away tonight having learned the basic steps of Samba and being able to make a dazzling Caipirinha, I mainly hope to bring some lovely ladies together for a night of fun!”

This, I can say with confidence, is exactly what she did. We all had a wonderful time and she has promised us a second opportunity to improve our samba and perfect those cocktails in 2019. We are looking forward to!

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