Obtaining Citizenship

Obtaining Dutch citizenship is not compulsory but could be beneficial if you are planning to remain in the Netherlands indefinitely. Read on for the options.

There are 3 options in eligibility for Cutch citizenship and how to go about applying for it. The options area:

1. Naturalisatie (By means of naturalisation)
2. Optieprocedure (By means of the option procedure)
3. Van rectswege (By law via birth or family relations)

The entire application process can take up to one year and depending on the requirements, you may need to renounce your original nationality. It is likely that you will have to pass a Civic Integration Exam certificate or other diploma (such as NT2). And the process itself can be costly. However, once you have a Dutch citizenship you may apply for a passport, join the armed forces, move freely around the EU and your children will also be eligible for Dutch citizenship.

For more information we have found this link (https://www.iamexpat.nl/expat-info/official-issues/dutch-citizenship) which is the most comprehensive at explaining the criteria.

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