Working in Arnhem

Arnhem does offer a lot when it comes to job openings but it is hard to reach them when you are an expat. Building your network can be key as well as starting a Dutch course. There are many large international companies in the area, such as DNV GL (the major employer in the city), TenneT, Akzo Nobel, Liander, KPMG, Royal Smit, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) and many more.

Read on below for some useful tips about working in Arnhem and finding work.


  • Always a good idea to include in your CV “Dutch” as one of your languages and select Beginner level, as you won’t pass the screening process if Dutch is not mentioned at all. A lot of companies need only English-speaking employees, however learning Dutch will open many doors to you.
  • Don’t be shy to contact directly a company you like, even without a specific job opening.
  • Send open applications to the international companies in the area.
  • Print your personal “business card” with your occupations, main strengths and contact points. That way when you meet someone you can give them your card – it is much easier to have a business card type for contacts, than a full CV.

By becoming a member of Arnhem Together, you become a part of that network and thus increase opportunities ahead. Our membership is not active at the moment, but you can register your wish to join (send us an email at: and once it is up and running we will send you a notification email. Membership will cost as little as 5euro/month and will provide you access to all the people registered in our network and a discount to all our events.

Our Mission

Arnhem Together is a non-profit organization that consists of a diverse and talented network of women based in Arnhem. We inspire dialogue, create support and build motivation in a space that is nurturing and empowering.
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