Families Together

Welcome to Families Together. Here you can find information ranging from things to do and see, to explanations and guidance of the more practical side of living in Arnhem with a family.

Child Care

Choosing to live in Arnhem with a family brings its own questions and queries. Here we try and help you unravel the seemingly complicated pathway when finding day care options, choosing schools and navigating what you are entitled to for child benefits. Trying to figure it all out can be a time consuming process, and we hope to help set you on the right pathway to finding your answers. Read more…

Social Activities

Arnhem has a wealth of things to be doing with the family. Get out and about exploring the area, visit the markets or a walk in the woods. Entertainment wise, you will not be bored – there is something for everyone, whatever the weather. Likewise, we offer some suggestions of family friendly restaurants and recommend things to get involved in, including our own popular International playgroup. Read more…

Our Mission

Arnhem Together is a non-profit organization that consists of a diverse and talented network of women based in Arnhem. We inspire dialogue, create support and build motivation in a space that is nurturing and empowering.
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