Child Care

Child benefits

There are three common benefits and allowances families and single parents in the Netherlands can receive from the government: Children’s allowance (kinderbijslag); Child benefit (kindgebonden budget); Childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag). Read more…

Child care Options

Explaining the terms and what they mean, and helping you to navigate your way through the different child care options for kids aged 0-11. Here are the main types of organised childcare possibilities in the NL: Kinderopvang; Gastouder; Peuterspeelzaal; Buitenschoolse; Oppas; Read more…

Day cares in Arnhem

Expat friendly day care in Arnhem. Gemeente Arnhem also subsidizes 50 peuterspeelzalen where parents have no right to child care allowance… Read more…

Education Systems

The Netherlands provides a great many forms in which schools set themselves apart from other schools. Parents can choose from the following systems. Read more…

Before we go here is a video we loved explaining the School system in the Netherlands:


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