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The Netherlands provides a great many forms in which schools set themselves apart from other schools.Parents can choose from the following education systems.

So let us begin with one of our own personal story about her experience with the Montessori Opvang (Day care) in Arnhem Noord (North Arnhem). Both of my children went to Montessori Opvang at Sonsbeek, and we were were very happy with the experience.

The Montessori Method:

The Montessori concept goes back to Maria Montessori – an Italian doctor and pedagogue. She assumed that children are naturally endowed with the urge to explore their environment and understand it. Accompanied by sensitive adults who create a stimulating environment, children become independent individuals.

A high priority is given to social interaction. The children choose what they play with. They decide if they want to play in a group and how long they work on a ‘task’.

This does not mean, however, that every child “does what it wants” – but rather that the children should organize themselves in a set framework. The teachers are available as caregivers and guides as well as accompany the children in a loving and sensitive manner. They observe the children and create a learning environment that every child needs for their personal development. The guiding principle that characterizes Montessori pedagogy is: “Help me to do it myself!”

My children loved going there and learned a lot of things from an early age. They quickly learnt to drink out of a glass, spread sandwiches themselves, put clothes and shoes on. They had a rich choice of toys and materials to play with that they don’t usually have at home. The teachers were all very kind and gave the children lots of love and advice. The outside play area is amazing, with a big garden under old trees creating lots of shade in the summer.

You have two groups at the Montessori Opvang the “Achter group” are the children between 0-2 years and the “Voorgroup” are the children between 2-4 years. You may also find a Montessori Peuterspeelzaal in the same building. The house is an old house with high ceilings and lots of space and air to breathe.

If you like Montessori or you want to learn more about it, get an appointment and check it out.

There are also three other Montesori Opvangs at other locations in Arnhem North and  two Montessori basischoolen (primary) schools in Arnhem and a middlebaarschool (roughly aged 11-15+).

Other alternative school concepts you can find in Arnhem are:

The Dalton Method

The Dalton method focuses on contributing to strong personal development. Dalton education is adapted to the students’ needs and invites children to grow in selfconfidence and personal development:

The Free School

In the Vrije school, creativity plays an important role. Children  each have their own speed in which they learn. Development in vrije school is both physical, intellectual and emotional. Here is the Free school in Arnhem:

Here you may find more information about the Free School method:

The Democratic School

“Education in which young people have the freedom to organize their daily activities, and in which there is equality and democratic decision-making among young people and adults,” AERO’s Directory of Democratic Education.

And here is the Democratic school in Arnhem:

The Jenaplan School

Jenaplan forms a ‘life-work community’ in which children learn to live together, Parents play an important role in the schools. Here is the Jenaplan school in Arnhem:

And here you may find more information about the system:

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