Indian Cooking Workshop – March 23rd

On March 23rd we were mesmerized by the fragrances, tastes and textures of India…Our Indian Cooking Workshop in collaboration with Indu’s Kitchen run by Indumathi Nagarajan was a delicious success! Indu and her team passed on their culinary skills and colourful stories about the heritage of the dishes. The group participated with infectious enthusiasm and rumbling tummies. We cooked a 3 course meal starting with Potato Bondas, Chicken and Vegetable Masala with Jeera Rice as a main, and ended with a sweet Vermicelli Semiya Kheer. As a bonus, Indu showed us how to make home-made Paneer! Teams worked together in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and as usual it was amazing to witness that mere strangers moments before became fast (cooking) friends! The workshop ended with us all savoring the meal that we cooked together. Thank you to all whom attended and to the team who worked so hard to make this day such a treat ??❤️

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