Inspirational Brunch Sept 8th

The first brunch of the Women and Leadership season was on 8th September at the cafe Arneym. Which was a delightful setting for the 12 enthusiastic women to meet one another and share their experiences. The décor and atmosphere were lovely and there was a
delicious spread on the table to fuel the discussions. The event began with Christine (from presenting a moving and story she had read to introduce the topic about ‘what
is leadership’. Following on from this came surprising and inspiring conversations as everyone shared their ideas and experiences.
We spoke about the definition of leadership, about leading in your life (self-leadership), and we spoke about the language, not feeling confident in the language and how this affects
your feeling of adequacy and therefore also leadership. This topic was recognizable for many ladies. We spoke about ‘learning’; about leading or doing it from your own place and feeling. We spoke about the differences between male and female leadership, some saw differences and others didn’t. But everyone recognized that there is still a lack of females in higher leadership positions. We spoke about possible reasons, and shared how these are overcome in different countries. These topics will be explored in more detail over the forthcoming workshops as we look to learn more about our strengths, weaknesses and potential.
If you are interested in joining any of the forthcoming workshops, email The next date is Saturday 3 rd November. Participation in earlier
workshops is not necessary. Places are limited.

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Arnhem Together is a non-profit organization that consists of a diverse and talented network of women based in Arnhem. We inspire dialogue, create support and build motivation in a space that is nurturing and empowering.
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